Invitation letter


Virtual Special Issue Publication

Participants are invited to submit manuscripts based on presentations at the XX Scientific Meeting of the SECyTA 2021 (Virtual edition) for possible publication in Journal of Chromatography A, as well as in Journal of Chromatography Open, with the intention of publishing in two online Virtual Special Issues (VSI) that are dedicated to this meeting.

The Virtual Special Issue rules out possible delays in publication for contributors to the special issue and will make the conference special issue more complete and accessible than it has ever been. Please see below its advantageous characteristics:

  1. All submissions will go through normal peer review process per journal standard;
  2. Accepted articles will be published individually in regular journal volumes at Science Direct as soon as they are accepted;
  3. They will also be simultaneously added to the online Special Issue hosted at Science Direct, which is gradually built up as individual articles are published;
  4. Articles grouped together in an online Special Issue will retain their original citation details.